Gremlins' director thinks Baby Yoda copied Gizmo the Mogwai

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Gremlins director claims Star Wars' Baby Yoda is 'shameless copy' of Gizmo

Gremlins' Director Says 'Star Wars' Grogu Design Is A Ripoff Of Gizmo

Gremlins' Director Says Baby Yoda Character Was 'Completely Stolen' From His Idea

Gremlins Creator Feels Grogu was Blatant Ripoff of the Mogwai - Jedi News

Baby Yoda Is Completely Stolen from Gremlins, Says Gremlins Director

Gremlins' Director: Baby Yoda, who is completely stolen and is just out-and-out copied. Shamelessly, I would think.”, Page 4

Gremlins' director thinks Baby Yoda was copied from Gizmo the Mogwai No matter what the case may be, both be sweet natured creatures are busy with new projects. How embarrassing? How embarrassing. - iFunny Brazil

Gremlins director claims that Baby Yoda is a copy of Gizmo

Did Disney STEAL Baby Yoda from 'Gremlins'?

Baby Yoda completely stolen from 'Gremlins,' says director Joe Dante

Baby Yoda's Look 'Shamelessly' Stolen From Gizmo, Says Gremlins Director

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Star Wars' Never Tried To Hide That Baby Yoda Is Just Gizmo From 'Gremlins

Gremlins' Director Accuses Lucasfilm of Stealing His Character