Colle cyanoacrylate : utilisation et support

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Colle cyanoacrylate bi-composant - tube de 10 g - Loctite 3090 LOCTITE

Super Glue for Leather Repair

★ HIGH VISCOSITY: C-Bond Thick cyanoacrylate super glue offers a thick viscosity, making it perfect for porous and absorbent materials like MDF-Wood.

Super Glue C-Bond Thick Cyanoacrylate Adhesive by CECCORP – (30 Grams / 1.05 oz.) – All Purpose CA Glue


Colle21 and Colle21 Black is an anaerobic, cyanoacrylate, extremely adhesive and resistant multi-purpose glue. IF IN EYES : Rinse cautiously with

Kit Super Glue 21 Cyanoacrylate Anaerobie + Black Bottle 21gr

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Colle Cyanoacrylate Cyano Top (20g) : Collage Rapide et Résistant de Qualité Professionnelle

Seachem Flourish Glue

Power Clear Adhesive – Pro Shop JB LASHES

CGM Instant Jet Glue 1.90z

Bazic 0.10 Oz 3g Super Glue is a fast-drying adhesive that bonds quickly and securely to almost any surface. Designed for use with plastics metal fabric rubber and paper this super glue is an essential for any home or office.

Bazic 1 G / 0.036 oz Single Use Super Glue (6/pack)

Seachem - Reef Glue

The black colour makes the glue stand out from the surface and facilitates sanding away the excess which enables this product to be used as putty while further strengthening the joint. It is ideal for filling the seams between large parts such as an aircraft fuselage, tank hull, or any other gap in the plastic parts of your models. Be careful to seal the container tightly to prevent hardening.

Ammo MIG 8034 - Black Slow Dry Cyanoacrylate