Miniland Baby Doll Down Syndrome Caucasian Girl With Glasses 15

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Our dolls have well defined features and are anatomically correct. Their heads, arms and legs are jointed to provide them with mobility. In a

Colourful Edition Collection - Baby Doll Caucasian Brown Hair Girl

Wholesale Colourful Doll Caucasian Girl with DS 15” Turquoise

Dolls dressed in underwear and presented in a case. Made of soft vinyl, extremely resistant and flexible. Articulated head, arms and legs. Hermetic and perfumed body. Sewed on hair. Very well define facial features that helps children to differentiate between races. They help children to understand concepts such as family, diversity, coexistence.

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Miniland Doll with Down Syndrome 15 - Caucasian Girl with Outfit

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Miniland Educational Caucasian Girl Baby Doll, with Down Syndrome

This anatomically-correct doll raises awareness of diversity and inclusion with differing types of people, specifically Down Syndrome and eye impairments. The legs, arms, and head move to allow for realistic movements. The glasses are removable. Promote values of acceptance, equality, and integration within your learning center. Foster movement and body intelligence through the mastering of the clothing pieces. Through play with others, children develop language and social skills.

Miniland 15 Girl Doll with Down Syndrome and Glasses with Outfit

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This 15 inch Caucasian Baby Doll is sure to provide hours of fun and imagination. It is crafted from high-quality soft vinyl and has a light vanilla scent. The doll is anatomically correct with realistic differences between boy and girl dolls, and its articulated head, arms and legs are able to rotate a full 360°. It is also washable and recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly choice. Add this Baby Doll to your collection today and explore more of Miniland's clothing lines.

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